The sky is the limit

Data Products & Services department @Euroclear

"I am convinced that with the colleagues of MCBN we will create space to shed a light of the importance of building and crossing bridges to increase cultural inclusion in the financial industry."

Business transformation manager at ING’s Communication

“It always seems impossible, until it’s done” – Nelson Mandela

IT Trainee at KBC

"Diversity is who you can see and inclusion is how many of these people can speak up and give their opinion. I want to cultivate an environment where people can be seen, heard and understood."

Global Talent Partner at Euroclear

"The need for a multicultural environment is to enable and foster new ideas, different perspectives , different cultures and multiple mindsets."

Head of Custody Belgium, BNP PARIBAS Securities Services

"Financial Services are by essence global and very diverse, with an interesting and challenging range of business lines and fields. With my background and experience, I want as a member of MCBN to positively contribute and promote inclusion in our industry."

Permanent control Belfius Insurance

To make a difference, I strongly believe in recognizing and even emphasizing said difference. To find comfort in sharing cultures and exchanging experiences

Communication & Customer experience chez Belfius

"J’aimerais contribuer à ce que le monde de l’entreprise reflète la multiculturalité telle qu’elle existe dans la société belge."

Project Manager Sustainability at Belfius Bank

The financial sector has made considerable improvements over the years regarding gender and intergenerational diversity. As the sector is changing fast, it is also the moment to advocate for a well-managed multicultural diversity.

Job Student Febelfin

"As an ambitious child, I have always worked towards a specific goal. Whether it was becoming the class leader or becoming the captain of the first aid team, if I wanted something, I would always get it."