Multicultural Bankers Belgium

Welcome to the Multicultural Banker Belgium, the place for a dynamic network dedicated to enhancing the visibility of multicultural bankers and promoting greater cultural inclusivity within the finance sector.

Multicultural Bankers Belgium, believes in the power of diversity to drive belongingness and create a more equitable financial landscape. Our platform serves as a catalyst for meaningful connections, knowledge sharing, and initiatives that foster an environment where every banker, regardless of their origin, can thrive and contribute to the evolution of finance as a truly inclusive field.  



International Day Against Racism and Discrimination

We were delighted to have you all at the Multicultural Bankers Belgium event on the occasion of the International Day Against Racism and Discrimination that took place on the 21st of March 2024. As advocates for diversity and inclusion within the financial sector, we believe in fostering an environment that values and celebrates our differences.

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Multicultural Bankers network

What is the Multicultural Bankers Belgium?

Multicultural Bankers is a network which aims at making bankers of all origins more visible and culture in finance more inclusive.

Multicultural Bankers Belgium prioritises increasing visibility of multicultural role models (inside and outside the financial sector), recruiting and promoting multicultural talents, making the culture of finance more inclusive and addressing biases in HR practices and microaggressions at work.

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Multicultural Bankers

What we do?

Multicultural Bankers Belgium offers activities for multicultural bankers themselves and management and HR of financial institutions. We organise events and workshops at all levels and on various topics.

If your institution is at the beginning of its efforts, we give you all the basic tools and knowledge you need to get started. If you are already a bit more experienced, we will provide you with the tools to achieve even better results.

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Multicultural bankers

Why is such a network necessary?

Results of our surveys are telling. Unconscious biases, micro-aggressions and lack of role models make the career experience for employees with a different origin much harder. Demographics are also clear : Brussels is the most multicultural city in the world. Without efforts, too many talents do not get access to our sector. Over 2/3 of employees with sub Saharan African origin or Morocco origin do experience racist micro-aggressions, and half of them confirm it impacts their self-confidence and their career.

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