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21 September, 2023

Salomé Aurore Adjeme Biyo'o

Hi, my name is Salomé. My Euroclear journey began 15 years ago in operations. Today, I am working in the Data Products & Services department in Change & Communities Management.

Over the years, I have witnessed a shift in the financial sector with an emphasis on creating a more inclusive but also purposeful work environment. This shift involves not only conversations, more role models but also active networks around what it means to create an even more inclusive workplace.

I believe I am playing my part in fostering a more inclusive culture in the financial sector. I am one of the co-founders of the women empowering academy which aims to provide a space for people to evolve in their personal development journey. Two years ago, I also joined the ethnic and cultural community to actively contribute to creating an environment where every individual feels valued, respected and given equal opportunities. My experiences living in Germany, Nigeria, and Belgium taught me how to understand different perspectives and showed me the importance and richness diversity can bring to a workspace.

I joined the MCBN  to contribute to the communication stream to contribute also at the industry level .

I am convinced that with the colleagues of MCBN we will create space to shed a light of the importance of building and crossing bridges to increase cultural inclusion in the financial industry. Multicultural inclusion sparks creativity, innovation, and empathy by bringing together different talents and viewpoints. This strengthens organizations making them more relevant in this fast-changing world.